Close Protection

The world in which our clients live and work has become a more security conscious place. By providing close protection services we can manage the risks and threats that our clients face, and help them decide the type and level of security they require. Assessments to determine this will include life style surveys, office and residential security surveys, travel security, panic rooms and buttons, armoured vehicles, and personal security. Our operatives provide an exemplary standard of service in executive protection, celebrity protection, employee protection, and personal protection world wide.

Executive Protection

Executive protection operative opening car doorIn today's corporate and commercial world, executives have never before needed protection as they do right now. This is due to the increased sensitivity of world, national, local, and environmental issues, which are affected by some companies day to day activities. Skilled operatives can establish and maintain a safe working environment in which an executive can live and work whilst continually minimising risk.

Celebrity Protection

Kimberley Stewart and a celebrity protection operativeClose protection of celebrities is an increasing necessity in this era, due primarily to over exuberant paparazzi spotlighting the individual whether by consent or not, which ensues in possible confrontation. This activity brings added attention to the individual and his or her family, attracts doting fans, stalkers, and very occasionally a more sinister element. Operatives can ease a celebrity's daily movements by firmly and diplomatically ensuring that they safely go about their business, social and private arrangements with the least interference they wish.

Employee Protection

A city buildingToday's work environment wields an instability and rapidly decreasing longevity in the length of time employees are able to hold onto their jobs. More frequently employers for various reasons are forced to release employees, long before their original retirement date, which can potentially cause animosity. Most employees grudgingly accept the situation, although, being angry, upset and shocked. The odd one or two can become mentally, verbally and or physically aggressive. An operative can ease an employers concern, by being present in the room, in a low key capacity, ready to assist if asked, and to prevent a physical confrontation.

Personal Protection

A personal protection operativeClose protection is available to anyone who feels they have a need for it, and is used widely by private individuals and families outside of the above mentioned categories. MHA Global Security can assess each situation and advise on the level of protection that would be appropriate.